Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cover Reveal: Love & Blood

Title: Love & Blood  
Author: Jessica Gibson
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Cover Designer: Belinda Boring
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb: He was her death and she had loved him for it.
Bronwyn Fitzgibbons had run from her maker for twenty years, but he had found her again. Seeing Ronan brought back all the reasons she shouldn't love him, but also all the reasons she should.
Bronwyn is caught between Ronan her maker and the one who unchained her darkness, and Rider the vampire who had saved her and fed her humanity. Her heart will be torn apart in loving them both. Can she fight against her darkness or will it consume her?
Lines will be drawn. Battles will be fought. Who will claim her soul in the end?

Jessica Gibson is a recovering bookaholic, she's down from four books a week to a more reasonable one. It was that love of words and creativity that made her dream about writing her first book. That dream was hidden for years, always put on the back burner, filed away in the "someday" section, until her husband Matt gave her the kick in the pants she needed to actually get off her butt and write.
Jessica and Matt live in Southern California and have a serious addiction to reality tv shows like Pawn Stars, American Restoration, and Bachelor in Paradise. They have one amazing son who runs circles around them both.
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Friday, July 29, 2016

A Witch in Need

I've been through a lot of things in my lifetime. Enough to know for a fact that I must have been one evil twisted witch/bitch in a past life for Karma to be riding my back as hard as she does.   But what I'm going through right now may very well be the final straw that breaks this camels back. There are some days, more often than not, that I hope to not even wake up at all. One thing I've learned through all of this is to never look a homeless person on the street the same way again.

Many of you may know or not that my family and I are now homeless. We are some of the fortunate ones at the moment because most nights we have enough money to afford a hotel/motel. Some nights we aren't so lucky and my mate and the youngest of the clan end up sleeping in the parking lot of the hospital I work at while I'm on the inside at work. (Yes, I work midnights, in a lab, working with blood, I most definitely appreciate the irony.). And no, we don't have a lot of money, I just know how to search the web and find the best and cheapest deals for our area. Anything to keep us off of the streets. Some nights my family will graciously (yes, I am being sarcastic) keep the eleven and three year old. The seventeen and fourteen year old they will keep for all nights as they have successfully, along with the catholic school I paid for them to go to, brainwashed them into thinking that I am evil incarnate, and think they hate me to the point that they cannot stand to be in the same room as me. That is a story for another day. But, my most of my family does hate me, and walking into that house without any guards up I am hit with not only all of that hatred at once, but the utter confusion coming from my children, not knowing how they really should feel about me, the animosity my family carries for one another. Its like walking into a fog so thick that I can't even breathe. And being forced to go there more often than not due to the situation is a true punishment. What's worst? They're willing to let me come back, if I'm willing to stop going to work. Become a welfare Mom living off of the system. For one, not that easy, for two, that's just not me. I have nothing against those that do, more power to you, just too many hurdles for me to deal with and not even enough in the end game to be worth my while.

Being homeless is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and yes, I have more than a few. Not knowing where the people I love will lay their heads from one day to the next is the worst punishment Karma could ever throw onto me.
The worst part is all of the opinions being thrust onto me from all sides. Until you can bare to walk even more than a block in my shoes... My partner made some terrible mistakes which lead up to this, for which I picture myself murdering him and again for doing so. But, what some may not know about me is that I'm also an empath (yes, a witch, or a sensitive, or whatever category you want to put it in). No, I can't go running around moving things with my mind, but I feel what others are feeling, some more strongly than others. So when a person is doing something due to shear maliciousness, I know it, when they do something because they truly believe its the best thing to do, no matter how wrong or stupid it may be, I know that too. Trust me, that's not always a good thing. Because that also means when a person hates me, truly, I feel it coming at me in waves so strong it would give Point Break a run for its' money. And when a person truly does love me and my children, I feel that just as strongly. But, I also feel the frustration, the friction, the unease, the anger, every bitter emotion that comes with not being able to do for the ones you love. Compound that with my own feelings it makes it a struggle day by day to just go on.
To say this has been a true journey would be a drastic understatement, I just wish that we come to the end of the road of it very soon. People have so many different opinions and suggestions that I do appreciate and have been trying to follow these leads. My luck just sucks and what has worked for some isn't quite that simple for me. Most places that may have helped us want to see an eviction notice, which is something we never received. Some want to see everyones birth certificate, which I don't have the money to replace everyone's right now, and with the haste of the move, most are missing. They want proof we've been living out of the car, and though a lot of our things are inside of the car, that isn't proof enough.
And trying to find a place? Somehow agencies and housing companies have pretty bought up the entire market where we stay, there are very few private landlords left. And they have so many stipulations and requirements you would think you were buying the house. It would probably be easier to get a loan, which is also next to impossible. And everytime it looks as though we are about to break free of this nightmare something else claws its way to the surface and drags us right back down. For instance, the car will be shut off due to non payment tomorrow because I had to take the money I had already borrowed for that to pay for the car to be fixed since the tire decided to pop off while I was driving on the highway. With the kids inside. Even though I continue to try to explain to them that I am trying to work extra days to rectify everything and to pay them, they aren't hearing it. But, how will I get to work without a vehicle? And here is another important question, where will we even be when they decide to disable the vehicle? They have already told me whenever it goes idol, it will be disabled on either Friday or Saturday morning, wherever we are, even if that may be a gas station. What kind of world are we living in where that is allowed, especially for only one payment, not several, not even two.

They say you aren't given any more than what you can handle, but I would really love a reprieve right about now. I finally had everything planned all out. I was going back to school online, going to finish out my book series, work more on my art, finally become someone my kids can look to with their heads held high and say that's MY Mom. And I still plan on doing all of that, but it's next to impossible without a stable roof over our heads.
Truly need some relief.

Freebie Book Blitz: Gemini

Title: Gemini
Author: Dylan Quinn
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy Romance

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb:  Twin Souls. One Sacrifice.
Northwestern University senior Zoe Adams has spent her fifth incarnation on the run. Abused and abandoned by those she once trusted, Zoe turns her back on a duty her soul accepted lifetimes ago to focus on a music career in this one. Until her Gemini's untimely arrival forces Zoe to choose between a love she can't remember and a life she's always dreamed of.
Cade Adams has waited twenty-one years to reclaim his beloved soul mate, but his elation is short lived. As Zoe struggles to let go of her human life, demons from Cade and Zoe's past threaten the Gemini, and they find themselves living on borrowed time.
The Tree of Souls is empty, and only the Eternal Sacrifice can refill it. Is forgotten love worth dying for, or is five incarnations more than one soul can take? With more than just the fate of their reunion at stake, love becomes an Eternal Sacrifice Zoe and Cade may not escape.

Since sneak reading her first big girl romance at the age of eleven, Dylan's been addicted to Happily Ever Afters. Playing pretend with swoon-worthy book boyfriends and their strong leading ladies often keeps Dylan sleep deprived, though she seldom complains about dreaming in dialogue.
With juxtaposed interests, Dylan writes it all ~ Character driven romance in NA, YA and adult, from sticky sweet to taboo heat ~ Urban Fantasy to Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Nothing's off limits.
When she's not writing guilty pleasures, Dylan plays stage mom to her daydreamer offspring in the Midwest. This Music fangirl goes nowhere without her beats and playlists. She has an affinity for Moscato and chocolate-covered strawberries. Dreams of singing on the Voice with Adam and Christina, and fantasizes about getting trapped in Mystic Falls with Damon Salvatore.
Author Links:
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#Free with #KindleUnlimited
Gemini Excerpt published with permission © 2016 Dylan Quinn
While I held Zoe, every nerve woke from its slumber. My heartbeat increased and a hum of energy surged through me. Just being near her was intoxicating.
I craved to kiss her lips, but I wouldn't. Not until she sought me to.
Until her body spoke to me.
"So what can you tell me?" She asked. "What's the plan?"
"The plan is you get to know me. The way all relationships develop." I released her just enough to look into her eyes. "We spend time together, and your heart will answer the rest. And when you so choose, I’m yours—heart and soul."
Although in time, she would understand that I already was.
"What's the catch? Other than giving up my life here? I need all the information if I'm going to make a decision this important."
"There’s a reason you can’t be privy to all the secrets of this life. This must be a decision based on your soul. No logic can go into choosing love."
Her eyes narrowed, and her irritation returned.
"Well in case you've missed the past millennium, people today don't just fall in love overnight. Life's not a Disney movie."
She pulled away, and I let her go.
Zoe was right. Unions in modern times were complicated. Raz said there were many variables humans took into account when choosing a mate, and Zoe, although the same soul, had different experiences during each incarnation. I couldn’t force her to love me or to choose our life together, as much as I wanted to.
Each of her lives was a lesson for me as well—in relinquishing control. All I could do was trust in her heart and our love. Trust her soul would return to me.
"Humanity is about choice. I would never force you to love me. And I would never choose my happiness over yours, but yes. I am hoping your heart will choose me."
Her breathing slowed, and her lips parted slightly, just enough to send my heart racing.
My Gemini mark began to pulsate. To burn.
I needed to kiss her.
She needed to kiss me.
After thousands of years loving Zoe, I could read her body as if it were my own.
Searching for what Raz called her tells, I first regarded her eyes. They were always the most expressive. They danced between mine and my mouth. Her breaths became shallow. A pink flush spread across her cheeks as she inched toward me, shifting nervously between her feet.
Should I try? Part of me was unsure, but my body betrayed my wits.
I’d waited twenty-one years for this moment.
I could wait no longer.
I moved toward her, inhaling her sweet scent, and rid the space between us.
Her eyes grew wider, and her lips parted. Waiting. I could hear her heart pulsing rapidly.
Her body gave her answer.
"My greatest desire is for you to find happiness." I stepped closer, picked up a long strand of her dark locks and tucked it behind her ear. Running my fingers along her jaw, I whispered across her cheek.
"You have no memory of a life before this."
I gently grasped her chin, stroked her bottom lip with my thumb, and edged toward her.
"But I've seen our life together."
I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her closer, our lips now fractions apart.
Her eyes never left mine, and her body trembled in my arms.
"And I will always. Choose us."
Her breath breezed across my cheek as I pressed my lips to hers. Soft. Gentle. Trembling beneath mine. The tingling sensation I’d missed so much returned, running rampant throughout my body.
I pulled back, not more than a centimeter, to gauge her response.
Her eyes remained closed, lips parted. Waiting for my return.
I brushed a kiss gently, then deeper into her.
She allowed me to explore her soft lips. They parted further still, and I edged my way in, exploring her sweet mouth.
An intense force rushed through my veins, to my chest and arms. Her life force burned within every muscle. My body that longed for her was now alive from her touch.
Zoe fell into my embrace, letting go of all the tension she'd been holding. She enfolded her arms around my neck, pressed her chest against mine, and gently tugged at my hair. Her hands ran down my cheeks, then to my shoulders and waist.
She pressed her kiss deeper into mine, soft at first, then fervently, as if this was our last.
One block at a time, her wall was crumbling—the pain replaced with a longing for our love. Soon, her memories would resurface, and I would have my Chayah back. Our souls Converged as one.
Zoe broke our kiss, pulled back and gulped a breath of air. She opened her eyes, her body still quaking in my arms. A minute passed. Her gaze drifted up, and a single tear slid down her cheek.
"It's you," she whispered.
I placed my hands on her face, held her cheeks gently, and gazed into her emerald eyes.
“It's me."

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